Hanoi is 1006 years old, and like the rings of an ancient tree, different eras of its history are etched into its landscapes and people. In few places are the past and present so visually evident in Asia. It is also a case study for emerging economies. In 2009 the urban population was estimated to be 2.9 million. In 2015, it was 7 million. Globalization is an unstoppable force, but its history is proving to be an immovable object. As the two forces meet in the 21st century, they have begun to transform the city into an unfamiliar and unsettling amalgamation of past and present. This photo series is a quiet contemplation on the current state of Hanoi. It examines both ends of the social spectrum, individually and as juxtapositions to each other. It is also an attempt to deconstruct the orientalist cliche’s often created by the western gaze. The photos are a chronicle of Hanoi’s past, present, and its development towards an uncertain future.